Antimicrobial Surveillance

JMI Laboratories has over two decades of extensive experience in performing surveillance studies for new drug development and post-marketing monitoring of approved drugs. Every year, JMI receives around 40,000 clinical isolates of bacteria and fungi through a network of more than 150 medical centers from more than 35 countries worldwide. JMI uses a consortium-based participation model, which allows for inclusion at a complete or partial level geographic, pathogen or indication specific. Visit to view our public data set.

If you want to read more about designing a surveillance program, read “Getting the Most out of Antimicrobial Surveillance” by our CSO, Mariana Castanheira.

Available Services 

  • Isolates are consecutively collected by site of infections
  • Susceptibility testing by reference broth microdilution methods
  • CLSI and EUCAST breakpoints
  • Real-time data monitoring for trend analysis of antimicrobial resistance patterns
  • Resistance mechanism detection by whole genome sequencing