Clinical Trial Support

JMI Laboratories is a CLIA certified reference microbiology laboratory that provides GCLP support for bacterial and fungal phase I – IV clinical trials. We collect referred clinical pathogens from enrolled clinical trial patients isolated from the local laboratory. Once at JMI, these organisms are identified, susceptibility tested, and/or analyzed through other microbiology and molecular methods as required for the clinical trial design. The resulting testing data form is uploaded to the data management vendor, linked with patient clinical data, and submitted as part of your overall clinical trial data set.

Available Services

  • Phenotypic mass-spectrometry and sequencing identification
  • Reference broth microdilution, disk, and agar susceptibility testing
  • PFGE and MLST epidemiology typing
  • Clinical trial kit supply for smaller, US-based trials
  • Clinical molecular trials (link to molecular section)
  • Long-term storage of clinical isolates
  • Future: Direct specimens (validated skin swabs, C.diff culture stools)