Background: This document is a guide for collaborators (Clients, Vendors, CROs, and other entities) to understand how JMI Laboratories (JMI) will manage circumstances surrounding COVID-19. As COVID-19 is a rapidly evolving issue, these guidelines may be updated in the future.

  1. Processes and business functions (JMI makes every effort to ensure COVID-19 will not affect the timeliness or quality of our client work)
    • Identify and maintain contact with key suppliers and service providers to understand their plans if their supply chain is interrupted or their workforce compromised.
    • Consider stocking additional media with longer outdates and other non-expiring supplies to ensure ample amounts of testing supplies.
    • Prioritize studies by deadline or immediate specimen handling requirements.
    • Communicate with clients if we predict potential deadline delays.
    • Emphasize environmental cleaning, although we follow many of these cleaning precautions already due to our safety requirements for operating a microbiology laboratory.
  2. Human resources (The health and safety of our employees, their families, and our communities are of critical importance to JMI)
    • Staff who exhibit respiratory symptoms at work are isolated and sent home immediately.
    • When possible, and if not done already, allow staff to work offsite.
    • Review key laboratory processes that must be performed onsite.
    • Enhance cross-training in case of workforce reductions.
    • Continue to practice good hand hygiene and personal protective equipment as required per standard laboratory operating procedures.
    • Advise staff to abide by the CDC and other recognized authorities’ travel recommendations. Non-essential and international travel will be discouraged.
  3. Internal and external communications (We value transparency amongst all stakeholders) 
    • Monitor recommendations from recognized health authorities, including the CDC, and adapt their policies as necessary.
    • Follow school or other community announcements to understand how local disruptions may impact our work.
    • Encourage staff to communicate changes or updates in their or their family’s health that may impact our work.
    • Alert staff of changes in workplace policies or expectations.

JMI values our business relationship with you. We are committed to working through this unprecedented situation in a mutually satisfactory manner. If you have any questions or concerns, or if there is anything we can do for you, please contact your JMI representative.


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