Medical Writing Services

A complementary service to performing the scientific studies is to disseminate the study results and data about your drug to the scientific community. JMI Laboratories offers medical writing services to work with your team to create publication strategies and author purposeful documents to be presented to the appropriate target audiences.

What are the design and support services available?

In addition to being experts in the field of antimicrobial drug development studies, our scientists are also well-published authors that can develop an effective communication plan stemming from the study results. This strategy will culminate in presentations delivered at national and international conferences in abstract and poster formats as well as manuscript submissions to peer-reviewed journals focusing on microbiology and infectious diseases topics.

Our team can also provide large-format poster printing services and manage the logistics of shipping the materials to the conference. For manuscript submissions, our authors will interact with the target journal editors, review and respond to the peer-reviewed editorial comments and approve the final page proofs for publication.

What is the end goal?

Scientific Awareness – The scientific community will want to be aware of the progress of antimicrobial agents in development, especially those for which there are limited therapeutic agents or very few agents in the pipeline.

Therapy Applications – Once your drug is approved for clinical use, you will want physicians responsible for clinical care to be apprised of the in vitro activity of your drug against organisms from targeted indications. Published literature in peer-reviewed medical journals and presentations at medical conferences is an efficient way to communicate these messages about your drug.

The JMI Laboratories Difference

Our library of peer-reviewed medical literature is comprehensive, giving credence to our ability to craft scientifically sound information about antimicrobial agents and disseminate these narratives to the medical community. We invite you to explore our recent publications to gain an understanding of the types of services we provide and our ability to have this important data published.