Molecular Studies Services

JMI Laboratories is a CLIA-certified reference microbiology laboratory that can provide GCLP support for the molecular characterization of isolates, including short and long read sequencing and analysis.

Short read sequencing (SRS) allows for highly accurate reads to be sequenced at a high coverage depth. Sequencing data, in the form of fastq files, are subjected to a proprietary bioinformatics pipeline where isolates are de novo assembled to identify resistance and virulence genes, including mutations, and provide multiple typing analyses for epidemiology.

Long read sequencing (LRS) allows for a much higher read length compared to SRS. This increased length provides better overlap and more distinct sequences, further enhancing the de novo assembly, mapping certainty, and structural variance while allowing for more scaffold structure to support in resolving repetitive elements of the genome. LRS is the preferred approach for genome assembly and annotation, identification of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), and plasmid mapping.

We develop screening algorithms to select isolates that require molecular analysis and then select the appropriate assays to determine specific resistance determinants. This data allows you to satisfy regulatory requirements for clinical trials and develop marketing plans for health care providers showcasing the clinical utility of your agent.

Available Services

  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) on Illumina and long-read sequencing on Nanopore platforms
  • Gene Expression and Transcriptomics using RNA-Seq
  • Various Typing Methods, including Multilocus Sequence Typing (MLST), O:H antigen, Pneumococcal Capsular Typing, and others
  • SNP Analysis Genotyping
  • Microbiome analysis through 16S Amplicon
  • CLIA certified and a participant in external proficiency testing programs (CAP, QCMD) demonstrating that JMI Labs meets the federal regulations for clinical diagnostic testing, ensuring quality, competency, and safety in the laboratory and our results
  • Capable of aligning study compliance to sponsor’s GxP requirements